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Andrew J Ball

On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor (OCDEA) for new-build home energy SAP ratings, providing On Construction Energy Performance Certificates (OCEPCs)

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Eco Appliances


With improvements to the energy efficiency of dwellings, through ever more stringent building regulations requirements, the appliances that are present and utilised within dwellings proportionately has a far greater impact upon overall home energy running costs.


Significantly such energy usage is excluded from SAP calculations but in cost terms the use of appliances can have a large influence upon a home's fuel running costs.This can help explain why the theoretical annual fuel costs shown within a SAP calculation or on an Energy Performance Certificate may be so at variance with actual fuel bills for a property in the real world.


Energy efficient appliances use less electricity and therefore cost less to run. In 1995 the European Union introduced a compulsory energy labelling scheme for household appliances and the scheme has since been extended and consumers are probably now familiar with the A to G energy labelling scheme.


For further information it is well worth trying the Eco Electricals guide to be found at